Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not At Any Price

Those were the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about whether Israel was still willing to continue peace negotiations with Palestine.

What he probably meant was that there is a limit to how much Israel is willing to sacrifice.  That is, there is a certain price that they are not willing to pay.

But the words have another meaning, and one that seems a bit more apt given how these negotiations tend to go.  Namely, Israel is not willing to sacrifice anything to achieve peace.  That is, there is no price Israel is willing to pay to get peace, so we just have to hand it to them for free.

So which is it, Bibi?


  1. Good question. Are there any clues?

  2. Well, i think he meant to say that the Palestinians were asking too much, or making Israel sacrifice too much. I tend to think that due to Israeli politics they aren't willing to sacrifice anything at all.